About Us

Our professionals have been servicing international communities since 1994. Although it took many years in the making, we - as a company are thankful to all the individuals and travel industry business partners who have helped with our success.

In the spring of 2002 Mission Valley Travel (MVTI) became a corporation. Through the leadership of our company, team efforts and strong partnership with airlines and other travel partners,  MVTI has emerged as one of the leading companies in international wholesale travel,  continuously working on improving the ways to utilize modern technology and booking capabilities through major Global Distributions Systems -  Amadeus and SABRE.  MVTI is a member of the largest travel industry network in the world - Vacation.com. This international association of travel agencies is constantly growing and currently incorporates over 9000 travel agencies worldwide.

Do you travel for leisure or business? Is this your first-time travel, or you are a seasoned international frequent traveler? Do you require any kind of assistance in arranging your travel? MVTI has many of the top industry experts, as well as tools and resources that make us an excellent choice to assist you. We can provide simple point-to-point travel arrangements, as well as complex around-the-world itineraries to suit your requirements and budget. You can book all of your travel online with us, or you can e-mail, fax or call us your request; whichever your prefer.

Even though MVTI's primary area of expertise is international travel for individuals and groups around the entire globe - we also specialize in tours, cruises, and worldwide vacation packages - including but not limited to the US, Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean, and others.

When you book with us, we want you not only to have a pleasant experience, but most importantly, to have all of your travel needs meet to your satisfaction.