We are confident that your credit card transaction will be secure on every online purchase. We want you to feel safe and secure booking your travel with us online. For this reason, we use a sophisticated technology to encrypt your credit card and other sensitive information when you make reservations for flights, hotels or rental cars. The process of encryption prevents unauthorized individuals from viewing your information as it is securely transmitted over the Internet. Once received, your credit card information is not transmitted over the Internet again. On the passenger information and payment pages, the address bar changes from http:// to https://, which assures you that your information is encrypted and secure.

There are times that we will request that you fill out a credit card authorisation form, usually if the billing address does not verify for credit card approval, or for International transactions.



Even with the very best protection policies and safeguard procedures in place, there is always the remote possibility of fraud. If you believe unauthorized use of your credit information has occurred, follow the reporting procedures defined by your credit card's issuing bank and contact us immediately.



We are very concerned about protecting the privacy of our customers. Any personal data collected from you is used to secure a reservation with third party vendors such as airlines, hotels or car rental agencies. We will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, license, sell or redistribute any of your personal profile information. Customer comments or testimonials will not be used without written consent. Customers have direct online access to review, update, correct or discontinue their personal profiles at any time.